Service Updates

Version Date Content
v1.0 2017/5/1 Initial Release
v1.1 2017/6/21 Changing Secret to Token to align terminology
v1.2 2017/7/4 Added maximum uploadable file size and removed uploaded_at from the input API response. Removed datasource_id from the API response. Updated API description.
v1.3 2017/7/11 Fixed some URL errors.
v2.0 2017/9/11 Made significant additions to overview and function explanation for release of the beta version.
v2.1 2017/9/14 Added ignore_unknown option to the schema API. Changed wording for file storage API and removed upload.
v2.3 2017/10/13 Changed wording for schema API.
v2.4 2017/10/18 Added method to specify data lake channel to model trigger.
v2.5 2017/10/20 --
v2.6 2017/11/10 --
v2.7 2017/11/16 Released Management Console.
v2.8 2017/11/28 Added glossary.
v2.9 2017/11/30 Added password reset function to Management Console.
v3.2 2017/12/18 Added run-local to MODEL COMMAND.
v3.3 2018/1/10 Minor fixes. Added instructions on adding users with the Management Console.
v3.4 2018/1/15 Minor fixes. Added information necessary when inquiring about database connections.
v3.5 2018/1/22 Made corrections to response parameters and requests to loader and schema APIs. Removed content_type and ignore_unkown from schema parameters.
v5.0 2018/8/29 Updated format of the CLI document. Added --file-list option to data lake upload command.
v5.1 2018/9/19 Corrected model image description. Fixed minor spelling errors.
v5.2 2018/9/28 Added --save-result and --retry options to data lake upload command. Added --build-only option to the training train-local command.  Added -- port option to the model run-local-server command.
v5.3 2018/10/4 Added data lake create-channel and data lake describe-channels commands.
v5.4 2018/10/9 `Added model create-service command.
v5.6 2018/10/24 Added --service-process-type option to model create-service command.
v5.7 2018/11/7 Added all-cpu/GPU image and updated screen capture due to UI update.
v5.8 2018/11/7 Added description of scheduler format, and updated abeja-device-agent version.
v5.9 2018/11/30 Uploaded image data for Getting Started, and updated dataset registration command.
v5.10 2018/12/12 Added command for displaying the current credential setting from the file at ~/.abeja/config
v5.11 2018/12/17 Added DataLake CMD option and corrected ref link in create-version document.
v5.12 2019/01/07 Updated some URLs.
v5.13 2019/02/13 Added download-versions to MODEL COMMAND. Added SCHEMA COMMAND. Corrected DEVICE_TYPE specification when using an edge device. Added explanation on using an X86 PC as an edge device. Updated abeja-device-agent version. Corrected link errors in the start guide.
v5.14 2019/02/28 Deleted deprecated uploading API
v5.15 2019/03/03 Added continuous machine learning and delivery at start guild.
v5.16 2019/03/12 Modify the description regarding file setting when using Edge.
v5.17 2019/03/27 Created training.yaml page witch setting files for leaning.
v6.0 2019/04/25 Added description of --runtime options on the abeja training train-local command. Added description of base image for Ver.19.04 and model handler functional.
v7.0 2019/05/09 Add English translation for some pages. Add brief description for abeja config init and environment variables
v7.1 2019/05/09 Minor fix
v7.2 2019/05/22 Add page of “Upload files to Datalake by CLI”.
v7.3 2019/05/27 Add sample with CLI on “Model Handler Function for 19.04”.
v8.0 2019/06/20 Restructure contents
v8.1 2019/07/09 Add pages about Notebook. Add page about abeja training train-local. Minor fixes
v8.2 2019/07/17 Add pages about Schema. Minor fix
v8.3 2019/07/19 Add pages about train-local.Add pages about Template of English. Minor fixes
v8.4 2019/07/23 Minor fixes
v8.5 2019/07/26 Add pages about Custom Image. Minor fixes
v9.0 2019/08/01 Change the configuration of the Startup Guide
v9.1 2019/08/05 Minor fixes
v9.2 2019/08/13 Minor fixes
v9.3 2019/08/22 Deleted deprecated images. Minor fixes
v9.4 2019/08/29 Minor fixes
v9.5 2019/09/06 Minor fixes
v9.6 2019/09/16 Add pages about Template (Object Detection)
v9.7 2019/09/17 Deprecated the schema feature
v9.8 2019/10/02 Add pages of English translation. Correction of pages related to Annotation Tool
v9.9 2019/10/09 Minor fixes
v10.0 2019/10/28 New template applied to Developer document. New UI support.
v10.1 2019/10/31 add 19.10 image
v10.2 2019/11/05 add Startapp command page
v10.3 2019/11/25 Remove “schema” section
v10.4 2019/12/09 Remove “configure” command
v10.5 2019/12/17 Add config switch, list, delete command
v10.6 2019/12/23 Updated abeja-device-agent version.
v10.7 2020/01/17 Add pages about “stop-service”, “start-service” command.
v10.8 2020/01/27 Add pages about “Triggeer”
v10.9 2020/02/14 Add dataset dataset-items command, add datalake archive-channel command, add http_headers to request in model-handler
v10.10 2020/02/20 Add submit-run command, add user operation list to common specification page
v10.11 2020/03/18 Add Filter archived option to CLI page
v10.12 2020/04/14 Image abeja-inc/all-cpu:18.10, abeja-inc/all-gpu:18.10 deprecated noted.
added limit/offset options to descripte-training-job-definitions, descripte-training-job, and descripte-datalake-channels commands.
v10.13 2020/04/20 Fix the maximum size of files that can be uploaded to Datalake to 5TB.
Fix the installation method of abeja-sdk.
Add the maximum size of information that can be set to the statistics at the time of learning.
v10.14 2020/06/01 Add restrictions on user-specifiable environment variables
v10.15 2020/07/14 Add export-log option to command training create-job
v10.16 2020/08/06 Modify some training subcommands’ short options
v10.17 2020/08/19 Add auto scaling spec
v10.18 2020/09/07 How to docker login with OAuth token
v10.19 2020/09/14 Add annotation v2 docs
v10.20 2020/10/29 fix some section title of user-guide
v10.21 2020/12/16 update edge feature
add restriction of environment variables
v10.22 2021/01/26 update annotation v2 docs
add new templates
v10.23 2021/03/09 Add supported browser
v10.24 2021/08/23 update annotation v2 doc
invite users and connect cloud storage