The ABEJA Platform is a Platform as a Service(PaaS) that enables the accumulation and management of large quantities of data while providing full manageability over model training, deployment, and operation.

ABEJA Platform solve the problems that arise when using AI

When using AI for business, it is necessary to implement across a diverse range of processes and environments from data accumulation to model retraining, while also dealing with everything from environment building to actual operation.

For example, the model building process requires collect data and store data from storage; meanwhile, the model retraining process requires the data that has been re-collected or used for inference-making in a production environment.

These can be categorizes into the following 10 processes, and ABEJA Platform has been developed for the purpose of solving the specific problems that occur in each of these processed while also seamlessly connecting the individual processes together.

In the current version, all functions are available via APIs while a few are also available via the CLI and management console.

Using the ABEJA Platform

Get the most out of using our ABEJA Platform with these Getting Started Guide for you first time use.

Use of the ABEJA Platform requires the users and resources that belong to an organization, and can be connected to according to individual credentials. By using the API and CLI provided by ABEJA Platform, users are able to call or incorporate functions on ABEJA Platform.

Current Limitations

  • Data validation is supported for UTF-8 character code with JSON/JSONLines or CSV file formats.
  • Data validation may take a few minutes to complete due to deferred execution.