Format of scheduler

With the schedule function available with triggers, you can define an execution schedule in a format similar to natural language.
This section introduces the format of the schedule function.

Format of schedule


In case of repeating without specifying day

[TYPE]: Repeating without specifying a day requires including the every prefix.

every 12 hours

[INTERVAL_VALUE]: A unit of integer value and its corresponding time. Valid time units are as follows.

  • minutes or mins
  • hours

    10 minutes

[INTERVAL_SCOPE]: Specify the phrase corresponding to [INTERVAL_VALUE].

  • Include the from [HH:MM] to [HH:MM] clause to define the specific start time and range for running the job. The time value must be specified as HH:MM in 24 hour format. That is, they are as follows.

    every 5 minutes from 10:00 to 14:00
    every 1 hours from 08:00 to 16:00

In case of repeating with specifying day

[TYPE]: You can specify the order of repeated days.

  • every
  • 1st or first
  • 2nd or second
  • 3rd or third
  • Up to 5th or fifth

[INTERVAL_VALUE]: You can include the specific date or day of the week on which the trigger will run. The list must be defined in a comma-separated list and can contain one of the following values:

  • It is an integer value representing the month’s date, up to 31 days. For example:
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • Up to 31
  • Any combination of the next long value or short value representing the day name:
    • monday or mon
    • tuesday or tues
    • wednesday or wed
    • thrusday or thurs
    • friday or fri
    • saturday or sat
    • sunday or sun
    • To specify all days of the week, use day.

[INTERVAL_SCOPE]: Specify the phrase corresponding to [INTERVAL_VALUE]. You can specify a comma-separated list of single months or multiple months, including the of [MONTH] clause. You also need to define the specific time to trigger. For example, define it as of [MONTH] [HH:MM]. If the of[MONTH] clause is excluded, it will be executed monthly.

  • [MONTH]: The month must be specified in a comma-separated list and can contain the following long value or combination of short values.
    • january or jan
    • february or feb
    • march or mar
    • april or apr
    • may
    • june or jun
    • july or jul
    • august or aug
    • september or sep
    • october or oct
    • november or nov
    • december or dec
    • To specify all months, use month
  • [HH:MM]: The time value must be specified in HH:MM in 24 hour format.
    • HH is an integer from 00 to 23
    • MM is an integer from 00 to 59


Run every day at 00:00 :

every day 00:00

Run every Monday at 09:00 :

every monday 09:00

Run only once at 17:00 on the second Wednesday in March :

2nd wednesday of march 17:00

Run once at 10:00 on Monday, Wednesday, Friday at the beginning of May and 2nd weeks :

1st,second mon,wed,fri of may 10:00

Run once every seven days at 09:00 starting from the first day of every month :

every 1,8,15,22 of month 09:00

Run once at 04:00 on the first and third Mondays of the month :

1st,third Monday of month 04:00

Run once at 09:00 on the first Monday of September, October, November :

1st monday of sep,oct,nov 09:00

Run once at 00:00 on the first day of January, April, July, October :

every 1 of jan,april,july,oct 00:00