work flow

Here’s a series of projects using the annotation tool

1. Creating a user

Register annotators and managers who will be involved in the project.

Creating a user

2. Create a project

Create a project. Set up labels definition and assign annotators to a project.

Create a project

3. Upload your data

Upload the data (image, video, audio, text, etc.) that you want to annotate.

Upload your data

4. Create a work

Create a work. You can register multiple works to a project. Sets the target number of annotation and assigns workers.

Create a work

5. Create tasks

Create tasks. The way to create tasks depends on datasource that you selected when creating the work.

Create tasks

6. Perform annotation work.

Annotate tasks. (Annotation will vary depending on the template.)

Perform annotation work

7. Review tasks

Once the annotation process is complete, review the tasks in the work. You can revert any errors or review the data that was discarded.

Review the work

8. Export the results

When the review is complete, export the annotation results. The annotation results can be exported for each workpiece.

Output the results