Regist Custom Image

Push image to repository

Push the image to the created repository.

First, Login to the ABEJA Platform container registry.

$ echo '{personal_access_token}' | docker login -u user-{user_id} --password-stdin
Login Succeeded

If you have a token for OAuth application, you have to specify "ABEJA" as username:

$ echo '{token}' | docker login -u ABEJA --password-stdin
Login Succeeded

Please check this procedure for “user_id”,“personal access token”. Here

Next, Tag the created image.

$ docker tag my-custom-image:0.0.1{organization_id}/my-custom-image:0.0.1

Push the tagged image.

$ docker push{organization_id}/my-custom-image:0.0.1
0.0.1: digest: sha256:87a5a2472ab2dcfbc147f0f3a52314e83ff7978ceb0acf74f81d32ce23exxxxx size: 3674

Check repository image

Select the repository that pushed the image from the repository list screen. image.png

On the repository details screen, you can see the tag you just pushed. image.png