Security of ABEJA Platform


The ABEJA Platform provides services with an emphasis on security in the strict storage and development of customer data. In addition, we passed Technical Baseline Review provided by Amazon Web Services for the first time in Japan in the technology partner network. We are.

This page introduces the security of ABEJA Platform.

Datacenter security

Utilizing cloud services that have been certified by various third-party certification bodies, we provide ABEJA Platform according to cloud service best practices.

Communication protection

All transmissions when sending data to ABEJA Platform or using WebAPI are encrypted with SSL to take measures against eavesdropping by malicious third parties and data tampering.

Data protection

Data sent to ABEJA Platform is stored in encrypted storage to maintain data synchronization, durability, and consistency across multiple data centers. Version management is implemented, and measures against accidental overwriting and deletion are also taken.

Data storage destination

Data is stored only in the specified country. Unless otherwise specified, the data is saved in the data center of the contracted country or neighboring countries.

Authentication / Authorization

Users are identified by authentication, and access rights are controlled so that unnecessary resources cannot be accessed.

Malicious communication protection

A Web Application Firewall (WAF) is installed at the ABEJA Platform endpoint to block malicious communications.

If you have any other concerns, please feel free to contact us.