Upload your data

Upload to Cloud Storage

By uploading files to cloud storage, you can import files to AnnotationTool with registered credential.

The end of uploaded key is dealed as a file name. Tasks will be assigned in ascending order by name.

- s3://<bucket>/annotation/1-image.png
- s3://<bucket>/annotation/2-image.png
- s3://<bucket>/annotation/3-image.png

If you uploaded files to the pathes, 1-image.png, 2-image.png, 3-image.png will be file names and assigned in the ascending order by the number in the file name.

AnnotationTool recursively import files if you upload files to subdirectory of directory specified for the work.

Upload to AWS S3

Refer to Uploading objects page in AWS documentation.

Upload to GCP GCS

Refer to Uploading objects page in GCP documentation.

Upload to ABEJA Platform Datalake

Refer to Upload File to Datalake page.

File name in datalake is dealed as file name as well and tasks will be assigned in ascending order by name.

Upload files to an environment which is accessible by HTTP/HTTPS

You can annotate data which is accessible by HTTP/HTTPS.

If files are hosted in a closed environment that annotators can access, you can use AnnotationTool.

This is an option for data that can not be uploaded to cloud storage.