Creating a user

Create a user to work on the project.

About the types of roles

→ See Types of roles

Create a user

Select Annotator from the tab and click “Add new annotator” button.

When the dialog box appears, enter role and e-mail, and click “Send” to send the invitation e-mail.

An invitation mail will be sent to the invited user, click the “Join to your organization name” button in the mail.

When you click on the link, your browser will display a screen for registering a new account.
Register an account with your Google account, Github account, or by entering your name and password.

Check the inviting members

If you want to check the members who are being invited, press “Inviting Members” to see the list of users who have sent the invitation mail.

You can “Resend” and “Cancel” the invitation from the action menu on the right.