Model and Model Version

In general, A model means a constructed algorithm which has been trained by trained data. ABEJA Platform is facilitating the whole process of executing inference.

Model Version

ABEJA Platform allows version management for the created model. You also need to specify the version when creating a new model.

In a model, version needs to include requirements.txt defining the packages to be install, source code including the implementation of the model handler function, and the image of the model execution environment.

Model Handler Function

The model handler function is a python-implemented function called when the model is executed.

Add Library

Select an image from ABEJA Platform provided images which become the execution environment of mode. In each image, required deep learning libraries are pre-installed and can be used from the model source code. (Pre-installed libraries are described below). Required libraries can be installed directly by placing at requirements.txt at the time of creating the model version. Library mentioned will be installed at the time of creating the service.


When creating a model version, you need to choose the environment in which the created version will be executed.