(Old)Object Detection Annotation Manual


This page introduces a sample for creating an annotation manual for object detection (object detection).

Main work

Work for detecting something on Objects Ex.: detecting defective parts

List of all labels

Work for setting label.

label and tag list here for detecting defective parts.

Label Tag
Label1 Deformation
Label2 Scratches
Label3 Dent
Label4 Dirt
Label5 Rust


Label1 : Deformation

Please check the circumference of the outer edge to all picture of bearing parts, in case the edge of bearing is deformed or not.

You don’t need to tagging inner edge deformation like a boxed green frame in the picture.

Exceptional case definition

Skip picture if you don’t want to add as a training data as a following case.

Case 1: In case it is not bearing picture

Case 2: In case it is blurry or corrupted picture

Judgment flow

Please follow the flowchart for object detection.