Create a work

What is work?

Work is a management unit within a project that is created tied to a single data source (GCS and S3 folders, data lakes, etc.).
Individual tasks can be imported, so tasks can be grouped and managed within a project.
It can also be used to manage the scope of permission, as individual annotators can be assigned to tasks.
Multiple works can be created for a single project.

You can assign workers, add target data, and output the results for each work. And workers assigned to a project will automatically be assigned to all work under the project.

Open the work creation screen.

On the work creation screen, you can create a work with following steps .

  1. Select the project for which you want to create the work.
  2. Select the “Work” tab on the project page.
  3. Click “Create New Work” button.

Set the work name

Enter any work name and click Next.

Setting Goal Point

Set a target number of annotation tasks.

Attaching Data

Select the data to be annotated.

A: Cloud Storage

  1. Enter URI of target data source under the path you specified on project creation screen
  2. If you register tasks via API, enable the checkbox. (When API task creation is enabled, you can not create tasks via import job)
  3. Click “Next”

B: CSV with media file URLs

  1. Click “Next”

There are steps after you create a work. See create tasks page.

C: Datalake

  1. Select a data lake channel.
  2. Select the data lake channel to be annotated from the list of available channels.
  3. Activate the checkbox to create a task via the API.
  4. Select Next.


Click “Save and create work” button.

If you enable “Sync data right now”, the data will start to be imported automatically.