Create a Project

Select a template

Click “New Project” button on the project top page.

Select the template that best suits your purpose.

See “Template types” for the options of official templates.

Set the project name and details

Enter a project name and project description (optional).

Select Datasource


You need to publish anre register AWS credential information. Refer to Register AWS credentials.


You need to publish anre register GCS credential information. Refer to Register GCS credentials.

ABEJA Platform Datalake

There are no operation in this page.


There are no operation in this page.

Setting a label

Click the “Edit Project Labels” button to open the setting screen.

Edit the label settings to be attached to the data.

Note that the label cannot be changed later.

The schema of the label settings depends on the template. (The following is an example of Object Detection)

When you select “Preview”, you can see the actual annotation screen.

Select “Save and return” to finish editting the label settings.

Assigning annotators

Assign annotators to work on annotation tasks and a manager to review the results, respectively.

If you want to add new annotators and managers, you can create a new annotator from the “Create new annotator” or “Create new manager” button.

See create a user for details.

Perform project creation

Check the settings and select “Save and create a project” to create a new project.

Change the project status

Change the status of the project to “In Progress” to start working on it.

  • Not Started: the project is in preparation
  • In Progress: the project is in progress and Annotator and AnnotationManager can work on it
  • On Hold: the project is suspended
  • Completed: the project is archived